Make up Monday - Back to school make up

Happy Monday beauties. September is fast approaching which means a lot of you will be going back to school, college, uni or even work.

If you are anything like me when I was at school I did not know a thing about make up. I did like it but I was too much of a tom boy and found it slightly daunting to wear everyday.

So because of this, I thought it would be a good idea to give you a make up look that I would do if I was currently at school. I've kept it light, easy and natural so it is something everyone could wear.

For a base, I am a big believer in avoiding foundation unless you feel you really need it. To even out your skin tone a BB cream is absolutely perfect. There are a few out there in the market. The one that I have used is the Garnier BB cream. A tinted moisturiser is also a good alternative. If you do want to go with foundation keep to a light formula. Something like the Bourjois healthy mix - this will keep your face looking fresh and natural rather than over done and cakey. 

Now I know we are all know no matter how much you get told you need sleep, chances are you will have plenty of late nights. This means one thing - bags under your eyes. Have no fear though, there is a way you can avoid getting told off by your teacher and that is under eye concealers. The best one is Maybelline dream lumi touch. It is a highlighting pen so it brightens your under eyes making you seem more awake.

Concealer wise, for those of you suffering from spots as I expect most people at school you need something different to the concealer you place under your eyes. Good for its price and coverage is the Collection lasting perfecting concealer. Be weary and make sure it is something you really need as if you don't blend it in properly it can look cakey.

The eyes can be a bit tricky. They can really transform your face but at the same time if you over do can look horribly wrong and overdone for an everyday school look.

For affordable eye make up maybelline is where it is at in my opinion. I would use maybelline's The Rocket mascara as it give you nice natural long thick lashes. If you want something a bit more voluminous The falsies is also a good mascara to use and my all time favourite. For the lids the colour tattoo in pink gold is a great neutral colour. Ideally you should blend it in just to even the lids rather than look like you are wearing full on eye shadow.

You all know that I am a lip junkie and lip balm or a lip gloss would be the only thing I would carry around with me in school. You don't need a bold lip as chances you would get told off and told to take it off. Revlon lip butters have some great sheer shades perfect for school. The Korres lip butters are also a firm favourite and make up staple of mine that would be perfect for school.

There you have it - my tips for back to school make up. Hope you have found this useful! 
I would love to hear what your back to school staples are - leave them in the comments below! 

Lots of love
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