Links I love #7

Lauren Conrad - Ways to be successful - I am always looking to be the best version I can be. At the moment I trying to form a career and at times it can be tough. Articles like this are great for keeping you motivated and remind you why you are doing what you do and keep going.

Tanya Burr - Anxiety - I know YouTubers put their lives out there for people to see. It can be so easy to assume we see 99% of what they do. In reality we probably see about 70-80%. Talking about issues you have can be daunting for most is but even more if you're Tanya Burr who is well known. I have a lot of respect for her as I can't imagine how much courage it took her to hit the publish button. I can see it helping it a lot of people out there which is great! 

Meg Beauty Hacks post - I absolutely adore Meg. Her blog and YouTube channel is full of great tips and general advice on all things beauty and life. Her latest post is not different. It is full of different beauty tips on getting more out of your products.

Allura Beauty MAC collection- MAC collections still get me excited. I have a feeling they always will. This new one is the latest and I want to get my hands on some of those eye shadows! 

Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess tutorial- Charlotte Tilbury is a world renown make up artist. I am in love with her work. Recently she launched her own make up line which looks absolutely beautiful. She recently did this YouTube video and created such a lovely look.

What have you been reading/ watching this week? 

Lots of love
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