Links I love #7

British Beauty Blogger - As a beauty obsessive I am always intrigued about new launches that are hitting the streets and BBB is one of my go to places to do this. Always up to date and short yet informative posts it is one of my favourite blogs. This week in particular the Tony Birch make up range looks beautiful!

Fleur's make up collection - Before I get all fan-girly let me just say I am a huge fan of Fleurs. Not only are her videos amazing quality but she is also a genuinely lovely person. I am quite nosy so make up collection videos are one of my favourite videos to watch add to that the collection being from one of my favourite YouTubers it is pretty hard not to love it.

She Wears Fashion - Kavita's blog is insane. She always looks stunning and I don't think I have seen her in a bad outfit once. This week she decided to venture in to the world of YouTube and I have to give her credit - It is really well done! people think it is very easy blogging or making videos but a lot of hard work goes in to and especially for a first video Kavita has done a fabulous job.

Hello Style beauty smarties showdown - Seventeen magazine have their own beauty channel and as part of that have started a weekly show called Beauty smarties showdown the all star edition. It is where some lovely 'beauty gurus' take part in challenges and raise money for charity. The all stars include Eleventh Gorgeous, Ingrid, Fleur, Andrea and Heart - they are all stunning and I have been glued to this series. Ep2 has only just aired so you have plenty of time to catch up!

A beautiful Mess - Stud bracelets - A beautiful mess is my go to blog for DIY. Seriously these girls are absolutely amazing. So creative and I always end up wanting to try something they have made. These bracelets are so nice and wearable. Definitely something I want to try out soon! 

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