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Good Morning, Happy Friday! hope you all have a fabulous day.
We all have those days where we just do not know what to wear. We stare at our mountain of clothes trying to think of a outfit suitable for the day ahead.

I have a few places I turn too when I am feeling like that from fashion blogs to online shopping sites. Here are a couple of my fashion inspirations.

Instagram - This may seem a tad bit obvious but all those outfit of the day posts you see on your instagram feed may just give you that extra inspiration on your outfit for the day.

Fashion blogs - I previously did a post on my favourite fashion blogs so I will not list them all down here but this one by Ashley Madekwe and this one from Meg are two of my favourites. They post a variety of outfits so there is always some inspiration there.

Online shopping - Now I generally do not buy things online but when I am stuck in a rut I find going on the boohoo , new look and daily look websites a pretty fun way to piece an outfit together. Especially daily look as they show you how you can create the look and buy the entire outfit.

My best friend and my sister - Now both of these people are single handedly two of the most important ladies in my life. My best friend has always has her own style and that is something I will forever admire about her. She doesn't follow trends just wears what she wants and always look fabulous. My sister may be younger than me but her enthusiasm for fashion is only matched by my enthusiasm for beauty. While she may come to be for make up advice I am also most likely to ask her opinion on an outfit before I walk out of the door.

So that is where I get my inspiration from when I am unsure how to piece outfits together.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Lots of love
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