Fashion Friday - Currently lusting...

Currently lusting...

Happy Friday Ladies. I have recently wanted to update my wardrobe as I feel most of the things in my wardrobe are either not fitting me right or I've outgrown them.

This has lead me to do a lot of online browsing - in particular when it comes to dresses. I love dresses, they care so versatile as they can be worn in a variety of cases. 

Here are a few of the lovely things I have been looking at. I love a loose top - paired with leather leggings or skinny jeans they can help build a steady wardrobe. 

Dresses on the other had I prefer to be slightly more fitted other wise they can look like I have just worn a bed cloth over me. A dress that sinches in at the waist is one of my favourites as it curves in all the right places.

Anything fashion related you all have been liking lately? let me know! 

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