Aussie Miracle moist shampoo and conditioner

Good morning lovelies. Hair care is something that is pretty important to me. Like most of you reading this I strive to have healthy lustrous hair with some texture. This has lead me to try a couple of new brands of shampoo.

My hair has been thinning out a little bit and can get dry from now and then. So to combat this I have been using the Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo and conditioner for dry and damaged hair.

I had to give it a good going through before I gave my verdict. First of all this smells absolutely amazing. Smell, although it isn't the most important factor in a shampoo is something I look at. All the Aussie ranges smell incredible and this one in particular smells like fresh bubblegum. It is literally like summer in a bottle.

It is very lightweight so it doesn't overpower your hair or weigh it down. It leaves my hair feeling soft and clean.

What sets out Aussie Miracle Moist apart from others in the market is that it is filled with Australian Ingredients such as Queenslands macadamia oil extracts.  This  makes the formula soft and smooth on the hair as we all know the value of good hair oil for our hair.

I know it has SLS and silicones but it doesn't bother me as my hair generally feels healthy after I use it,

If you feel like this range may not work for you I would still check out the Aussie Hair care range as there will most likely be something that will suit your hair and I have herd good things about the majority of them.

Aussie usually retails for £4.49 but generally you can find them on offer for 3 for £10 either at Boots, Superdrug and even supermarkets.

Have you tried the Aussie Hair Care yet?

Lots of love
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