Skincare Sunday - Summer protection

Good Morning lovelies, I hope you're all having a great weekend. The UK have finally been graced with some sunshine. Yes, that is right we are finally having a bit of a summer. 

This would of course mean our skin will change just as it does during winter. Due to this I thought I would show you how to keep your skin in good condition and why it is important. 

First of all lets talk SPF...
What is it? - SPF means Sun Protecting Factor which ranges from 15 - 50 (15 being the lowest) it blocks Ultra Violet B rays. These are the rays that causes the skin to burn. Bare in mind your skin also needs protection for Ultra Violet A rays which causes skin damage. 

Why is SPF important?
SPF products prevents your skin from burning. 
Skin damage can be prevented. 
Reduces the skin exposure to skin damage. 

Sun Protection essentials... 
So to make sure my skin stays protected here is what I use. Before applying my make up I try to mositurise I use a face sun scream such as the Aprivita Skin Suncreen it has a SPF of a whopping 50%. Luckily my NARS tinted moisturiser is SPF 30 in it which means I don't need to go out and find an SPF base. If you are looking for a SPF base there are many out there. Just have a look around, do some swatching and see which one works best for you. 

Of course you cannot for body and protecting your hands and be. I was recently introduced to the company Hawaiian Trop* It does has a bi t of a strong scent but one I really like, It smells quite fresh. 

The other part of our face we often miss out is protecting our lips. I have been loving the Arbonne Lip Moisturise* I love this is, it is so moisturising! not one to wear lipstick on top off. Another lip protecter I have recently been loving is this Murad pomgranate lip protector* which smells like heaven. Both of these will prevent your lips from getting burnt. 

So there are my summer essentials. 

What are your summer go to's? 
Lots of love

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