Must reads of the week #1

Hello my loves, this month I thought I would start a new feature. I read a lot of blogs from food blogs to cooking and online newspapers.

So I thought it would be nice to share with them with you as I think they deserve to be seen by everyone.

I read these types of post and found them to be a useful way of finding new blogs to read and youtube channels to watch.

Daily Mix Beauty Bootcamp  - I already watch daily mix channel religiously but I have have especially been glued to it this week as they they started a new series called beauty bootcamp where the contestants go head to head in beauty challenges to be the next face of daily mix. Perfect sunday morning / end of the day relaxing viewing.

Lily Pebbles Make up starter kit video - I really enjoyed watching Lily's latest video (as always) but I have seen a fair few of this type of video and has to say it is one of the better ones I have seen. She gives you good tips as well as a range of options to choose from too.

Guilt Free chocolate - peanut butter gelato - Ever since I have read this the other day I have been dying to find the time to make this recipe. Rosie always makes the yummiest food so I already know this will be worth the wait!

Stephen Fry - Only the lonely - I stumbled across this via twitter and I am glad I did. It is honest, frank and bare. It take a lot for someone to so open about something personal and this is probably as personal as it can get.

5 minutes with Emma Hardie - Amelia's blog is one of my favourites in general but her interview with skincare guru Emma Hardie has been one of my favourites to read. Anyone else think that Emma sounds like the coolest person around?

Those are just some of my favourite views of this week. I could go on forever  but I hope you all manage to find something new from there to get your teeth sunk in too.

Happy reading and have a lovely weekend.

Lots of love

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