Murad Pomegranate Lip protector

Good morning my loves, today I wanted to talk to you about taking care about one of the neglected areas in terms of SPF.

We all know to look after our face and skin from the sun rays and how important it is. It is also vital to look after your lips. You use them all the time so it makes sense to protect them from burning. Unfortunately normal lip balm does not always cut it as they do not all have SPF.

That is where the Murad energising pomegranate lip protector* comes in to play. It has an SPF of 15 which will help block the sun from burning your skin on the lips.

It is filled with good ingredients such as shea butter and Jojoba esters which help to soften and moisturise your lips.

What I also love about the pomegranate lip protector is the smell. The smell from the pomegranate extracts give it a real fresh scent to it. It reminds me of a bag of sweets and is quite comforting. The extracts also help in reducing damage to the lips.

It is pink in the tube but comes out very sheer. It is a lip protector you would wear on its own. It wouldn't be my number one choice to wear under lipsticks as I feel it may slip and slide however for a day on the beach or any other summer activity this is perfect.

On it's own it provides a nice glossy sheen to your lips. It also plumps them up a little bit giving them a more fuller look.

If you like hanging out in the sun all day alongside the regular SPF protection and suncream I would recommend you getting this especially if you burn quite easily.

You can buy the Murad Energising Pomegranate lip protector from their website as well as all Murad counters (there is a new one in Leeds) It retails between £12 - £13 depending on where you buy it from.

Do you use an SPF lip protector?

Lots of love
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