Links I love #3

Ruth's tips on glowing skin - If you haven't been reading Ruth's blog a model recommends I highly suggest you do. It is one of the best and refreshing blogs I have read. With her unique insight in the world of fashion and beauty her tips and advice are genuine and honest. That leads me nicely to this post about she gains her glowing skin. Ruth always looks stunning and flawless and I cannot wait to try out these tips!

Lily Pebbles SPF for your face  - There are a lot of SPF post lurking around the blogsphere right now (including my own) but this  has to be one of the best ones I have the fortune to read. We often forget about SPF on our face but Lily reminds us that is just as important. I know Lily does her research too and will definitely be looking in to the products she recommends. If you don't want breakout from using body sunscreen on your face give this a read.

Rachel Loves - bad moods suck - I love being inspired and this video does exactly that. Life has ups and downs but sometimes we can be so focused on the bad parts that we end up in this rut. Rachel's video gives some helping tips on dealing with that. I have done a few of these tips over the years and have to say they help.

A beautiful mess  - These two ladies are my blogging inspiration. They run one of my most favourite blogs as well as one of my favourite iphone apps. I cannot imagine how crazy busy they must be and how hard they work. This post shows how there dream of writing a book became a reality.

Outside the box - Unlikely recipes - Recently, I have been wanting to do some cooking. I am not exactly sure why but I am running with it. At the moment my house is taking part in Ramadan (a month where by muslims fast from sunrise to sunset) so I like the main meals to my mum and whatever she feels like cooking. I have a sweet tooth too so I have been wanting to try out some healthy alternatives to some yummy favourites. I really want to make a version of the blueberry muffins Laura mentions in her post. I am thinking instead of blueberries maybe raspberries?

These are just a few of the blog posts I have enjoyed reading.

If you have any you particularly enjoyed let me know.

Have a lovely weekend.
Lots of love