Food Friday - Chickpea, Peanut butter and choc chip cookie

Happy Friday lovelies, now be real with me here. Is the first thing that came in to your mind when you read this yuk?

If it was, I don't blame you. a few months ago I probably would have thought the same. I decided to give these ago because I had everything I needed in the house. I was also craving cookies so why not make them nutritious and better for your health?

I got this recipe from this instagram which is run by a chef called Nicole. This is only thing I have made from her but it was delicious.

In total these only take about 30mins to make.
Here is how


The ingredients were in cups so I kind of just measured out myself. You could probably add a bit more or less if you wanted too.


The cookies are nice and soft just the way I like them. The mixture of the chocolate and nut flavour go amazingly together too. 

These were so easy to make. I will definitely be making them again. I might try them with dried fruit instead of chocolate too. 

Let me know what you think. 

Lots of love

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