Fabb event Manchester

Hey lovelies, if you follow my twitter or instagram you may remember that this weekend I atteneded the fabulous fabbloggers event in Manchester.

Fabb events is an organisation set up by bloggers Tori and Rachel for bloggers. It is to give them all a chance to talk and get to talk each other face to face.

The weather was incredible, I really wanted to go get some frozen yoghurt by the end of it but there just wasn't anytime. Anyway, I spent the day with the lovely girls Rachel, Hannah and Frances as well as bumping in to a few other people I knew.

The event featured a mixture of both fashion and beauty. There was the brand South Beach Swimwear who do the cutest bikinnis alongside the company Tinned Banana's which also did beachwear. They also reminded us to wear sunscreen with loads of Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen on their table.

Two of my favourites from the day had to be the Lavish Alice who did the cutest floral dungarees which I would highly recommend looking in too and La Moda handbags. You may not know this about me but I am a huge handbag lover so this was just up my street.

Of course during the day there was also the obligatory cupcakes but what I really enjoyed was the Popchips Katy Perry kettle corn which was absolutely divine. Healthy and tasty all in one.

It was a great day full of great people. Blogging has been such a great creative outlet for me. Its helped me stay sane and I've made some incredible friends through it so it was really nice to go along to this and say hi to everyone.

Thank you Tori and Rachel for organising such an incredible day.

Lots of love

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