An introduction to Neal's Yard

Hey my lovelies, today I wanted to tell you all about a brand that up until a couple of weeks ago I had really delved in too.

Neal's Yard is an all organic and natural skincare and make up brand. In fact it was the first natural and organic brand in the UK.

I had never been to their store until I went to visit their branch in Manchester last week. The first thing that struck me was the cute vintage quaint feel it had to it. It immediately at ease the moment you walk in.

The store is infused with all the blends of the skincare they sell. They have such an extensive skincare range which caters for all skin types. Their products range from their famous frankencense range to their shower gels and even make up wipes!

I was really intrigued about their mother and baby range, just because it is not something you generally from an high end skincare brand. It is specifically designed for pregnant women so that they have something natural and free from chemicals on their skin.

The creams from Neal's Yard smells absolutely amazing. One of my favourite scents was the bee lovely hand cream.

Apart from skincare Neal's Yard also sell herbal organic teas. These range from blends to make you relax such as camomile to those to help your metabolism and all around health such as Lemon and Pomegranate.

You would think they would stop there right? no, you're wrong. The store also offers relaxation therapy with a range of massages. They also have a resident osteopath which is great for those who have back or body pain concerns.

I had a neck and shoulder massage and have to say it was incredible. I am not usually a massage person so that is saying something.

Being a confessed bookie I had to look at their library and finally which included there famous healing foods book, which I have had my eyes on for the longest time. I have herd a lot about it. It is really informative full of nutritious advice and recipe ideas and has made its way on to my book wish list.

Whilst browsing, I was also surprised to see they sell their own range of make up. I didn't know Neal's Yard sold make up so it was a pleasant surprise.

Now, I am not going to lie and say I am solely in to organic make up but if it is good for you it is worth checking out. The collection was small but the colour range is impressive.

What sets the store apart compared to most was the warm welcoming feeling you get from the staff the moment you walk in. They are all so friendly and make you feel really at ease which is great especially as it can be daunting walking to a shop full of products - you can feel at a loss as to where to start.

Over all the store felt more like a spa and a place where you could spend a good couple of hours rather than a store you would simply walk in to pick something up from.

Have you visited a Neal's Yard store?

Lots of love

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