Tresemme Natural Shampoo and Conditioner

Good morning ladies, hope you all had a lovely night.

I recently started loosing a bit of hair and after 21 years of having healthy thick hair I panicked a little to say the least. So I have been testing out new shampoos to try and see if any of them would help bring it back to life.

Tresemme has been one of my favourite brands for a few years now. I have used it on and off over the years so I decided to give their new natural range a try.

First thing I should probably say is that I am aware that this shampoo is not 100% natural. It still contains a few unhealthy ingredients in it but in all honestly compared to a lot of other brands this was not too bad. I have always used just any shampoo and they work fine in my hair.

I did like this combination. It brought my hair back to life after feeling slightly dull. It gave it back some of the oommph that it has lost recently. I would have liked a bit more volume but I cannot really complain as it isn't marketed as a volumising shampoo.

It smells really nice as do all Tresemme products making my hair feel fresh and lively. I can go up to 3-4 days without feeling like the need to wash my hair although I have done.

It has not 100% restored my hair but it has stopped it from getting worse and made it feel healthier.

Would I repurchase this? I would but I am interested to try out their platinum strength range. Fleur De Force uses this and she has amazing hair!

You can find this range at boots, superdrug and most supermarkets (Home Bargains often do twin packs :P ) They retail for £4.99.

Are you a fan of Treseeme?
Lots of love

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