Make up Monday - Battle of the primers

Good Morning ladies, happy monday. What do you all have planned for the week?

Today, I thought I would share with you all a quest I have been on for the past month. That quest is trying to find a primer. I noticed how much of a difference it makes on my skin after using the sample I had of Prime Time by Bare Minerals but it was not my favourite one.

From my experience the high street/ drugstore does not have a great range of primers. The ones that I found are too silicony and drying on my skin.

So I went and did some research and found the two I wanted to try are the Smashbox photofinish primer and the Laura Mercier Radiance primer. Now both of these are not too expensive but are more than I would buy as an impulse buy so I managed to get samples of both.

The first one I used was the Laura Mercier radiance primer. I was really excited to try it. It is a raved about product and there is a reason why. It gives my face a smooth flawless look. My pores are not huge anyway but this made them look non existant. I put my tinted moisturiser on top of it and it looked lovely.

Smashbox photo finish foundation primer is the other one that I had herd good things about. I have always wanted to try this brand. I had herd a lot about it a few years ago but you could only get it in America until recently. I have to say I did not like this as much as I really want too. It is a lot more silicone based and oil free. The fact that it is oil free meant that it was drying on my skin.

I had to use a lot more at once to feel like my whole face was covered. I ended up mixing it with my Loreal Lumi Magique illuminating primer which is liquid based. That gave me the moisturising texture I was looking for.

In terms of finishes both of these primers do give a effortless easy flawless look but the textures are completely different so it depends on what you are looking for and your skin type.

In terms of price you can get a travel size of the Laura Mercier Radiance Primer for £18.00 and the Smashbox photofinish foundation primer is £25.00. This sounds expensive and it is for the most part but a little goes a long way so it will last you a good few months.

I think I am going to venture in to Space NK and make a cheeky purchase as I've finished both my samples :/

I am always on the look out for a primer so leave me your suggestions in the comments.

Lots of love

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