Garnier ultimate beauty oil

Hey Lovlies, today I have something for those of you who are lazy with moisturising regularly. Welcome to the Garnier ultimate beauty oil and ultimate beauty oil it is.

There was a lot of hype surrounding this Oil and there is a very good reason why. It works, simple. It taken a firm role in my after shower routine.

It is smooth and nourishing without the greasiness that you would expect from an oil. I was surprised at how quickly it absorbed in to the skin so much so that I thought I put on too little at first.

The fact it absorbs quickly means that a little goes a very long way so this bottle will definitely last you a good few months.

It is made up of four oils which help bring your skin to life and rehydrate it. The almond, argon, macadamia and rose oil provides not just great moisturisation for your skin but also smells absolutely incredible. I love all these oils seperately but together they smell like heaven in a bottle.

As the oils are soothing it works for those with sensitive skin as well as those for very dry skin.

The hydration of this oil lasts more than your average body butter. If you are a bit lazy you could go every other day without needing to moisturise if you use this.

On a side note I really like the packaging of this product, which isn't a point, I know. It is a lot more nicer than the other body oil packaging I have seen though.

You can get the Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil from Boots, Superdrug or your local supermarket. It retails for £7.99 but you can usually find it on offer.

Have you tried this yet?
Lots of love

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