Fashion Friday - OOTD - Graduation Edition

Hey girls, happy weekend. Hope you all have something fun planned while we have this good weather.

For today's post I thought I would show you all what I wore at my graduation. I graduated last year but I don't think I got around to show you all my outfit or any pictures. So seeing as graduation is coming up again for people I thought I would show you all. 

Dress - Topshop
Blazer - Strawberry Moon
Shoes - Shuz for you
Scarf - My mums 

My dress is a deep red with black hearts on it. I spent ages looking for a dress because although I wanted it to be really nice I had to bare in mind I was going to be wearing a cap and gown and sat down for most of it. So I didn't want something that was really nice but no one could see it or too heavy I drowned in it. I really liked this dress it has a belt on the waist to give you a little bit of a shape which I really flattering too. 

 I hope you liked this and if you are graduating this year I just want to say a MASSIVE congratulations. You should all be proud and here is to your bright futures. 

Lots of love

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