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Happy Friday lovelies, I hope your weekend will be full of fun and exciting times.

It's no secret that I read a lot of blogs. If fact if you follow me on twitter it will probably be one of the one things you will notice. However I very rarely talk about the fashion blogs that I read. So today, I thought I would share a few of my favourite ones and explain why I like that. 

Fashion blogs are a great way to get some inspirations for outfits. I find them to be more useful sometimes than magazines as they list where everything is from. I also really like that they are outfits that you would generally see on the high street too. 

Wonderful- You
This is a blog run by the beautiful Meg. I've been following (borderline stalking - sorry Meg!) her blog for at least a year. I love all her outfits. What I really love about Meg is that not all her pieces are from places you may expect. There are a lot of things from websites and boutiques that I have not herd off before which is great because who doesn't need more places to find cute outfit pieces from?

Through Chelsea's eyes. 
Chelsea is the cutest. Her outfits always look fresh and girly. This girl shows you how you can rock a pair of dungarees as well as dressing up for a event. I love that the clothes can appeal to everyone. I love how super affordable her outfits are too which is not always the case with some blogs. 

Temporary Secretary
This is the blog run by the lovely Sarah. I have been a fan of blog for the longest of time. I love reading about her outfits. I always look to her for inspiration for outfits if I have no idea what to wear. I have quite a similar taste to her (although to say I do not pull it off as well is an understatement) The layout of the blog and post combined with this makes it one of my go to blogs. 

Hello - October
Suzie's blog is predominately a beauty blog which I love it for but I also look forward to her outfit posts. I love seeing how classic and yet rock chic she can make an outfit look. This girl has sense and style. She has the most cutest bags, rocks the hats and wears the most awesome tops...need I say more? 

Millie Mackintosh Style Diary
Sorry but how could I not throw this in there? Millie Mac aka Millie MIC Reality TV star is known for her sense of style and it is pretty clear to see why. She mixes high fashion with high street really well. She never fails to look flawless and she lets us all in on her buys through her style diaries. 

Ring My Bell
Have you ever watched Revenge? if you haven't you should but that is beside the point. Brit actress Ashley Medekwe lets us in on her incredible mix of Brit and Cali style. Outfits that look effortlessly rock chic to those that look girly Ashley rocks it all. Please can I be her?! 

I could go on and on but I am going to leave it there otherwise I will end up with the longest post in the world. 

I hope this has let you all find some new fashion pieces here and there. 

What are your fashion favourites to read?
Let me know

Lots of love

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