Washi hot cloth skin polishing kit

Good morning lovelies. Happy Thursday! Hope the week has treated you well so far.

Today, I wanted to talk to you about something that we sometimes forget about but is important and that is what we use to clean our faces.

I'm talking about the towels we use. Now I don't know about you but one of my favourite things about taking off my make up off is having that warm flannel on my face leaving me feeling soft and fresh.

The one I am loving at the moment is from a company called Washi. I hadn't really herd of them before but I love these. They are a staple. I genuinely do not use muslin cloths anymore.

The one I got has this pretty packaging around it. The colourful tag with the pink ribbon around gives it a lovely touch.

It comes with a small flannel which you put under water rinse it out and take your cleanser off. It also comes with a a bigger face towel which I also use to washy face.

The quality of these are really lovely. Both gives a soft touch on your skin leaving you feeling like you have washed your faced and are clean.

Another bonus is that they are reusable. A lot of time i find muslin cloths although they claim to go in the wash you can only use a couple of washes. I find these a lot more durable and definitely worth the money.

What else do you need from a flannel?

You can get a pack of Washi skin polishing kit here. A pack of 7 retails at £6.25

What do you use to wash your face?

Lots of love

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