Skincare Sunday - The next steps...

Happy sunday wonderful people. I hope you are having a nice relaxing day drinking cups of tea and just taking some time to have soem you time.

Now if you read my post where I talk about my skincare routine you will noticed that I mentioned about missing serums and masks.

I have become pretty good at keeping a regular skincare routine considering growing up I didn't care as much. I've officially changed and generally enjoy the feeling of cleansing my face and feeling fresh first thing in the morning or at the end of a long day.

The one thing I lack though is the ability to relax and pamper myself. I like the idea as many beauty junkies do but just do not get around to it. I always feel like I have some thing to do before I can relax with a face. The next thing I know it is 11pm and I am too tired.

So I thought it was nice time to fix this and started looking in to getting some masks and serums. Origins is of course my first port of call.

I have a couple of ideas of where to go REN, Estee Lauder for serums. I have a couple of samples of things that need to be used up so I will be giving them a go too.

Of course you will see the fruits of my experiments in the upcoming months.

Here is hoping I will be a pampered and changed women eh?

Lots of love

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