Silver Supermarket Watch

Hey wonder people, we are nearly halfway through the weel, yay! (I say that like I have an exciting weekend planned or something...I don't) Anyway, today I wanted to talk to you about watches.

I love watches, I love looking at them and I find them quite useful. I mean I know I have a phone which tells me the time if I need it too but have it on my wrist is a lot more convenient.

Unfortunately, finding one that fits me can be a big pain. Either it looks too chunky on my arm or it is too big and needs a lot of links taken out of it and trust me ain't nobody got time for that! So when I saw this watch* on the silver supermarket website I knew I had to have it.

It is a watch in the style of a shambala bracelet which I love. I really like how this fits on my wrist as I can tie it without worrying about it not fitting me nicely.

It is really wearable and versatile too. I chose the one with black and white gems in it so that I can wear it with all my outfits but you can get them in different colours.

One of the other things I really love about this is the fact that it doesn't look out of place on my hand. The size is exactly right. It doesn't bring any awkward attention to my wrist that a chunky watch would as they just do not suit my hands.

If you have problems finding a watch that fits you or just want a simple but nice and sleek watch check out the website for the colours and different styles.

You can get this watch from the Silver supermarket here.

Are you a watch person?

Lots of love

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