Make Up Monday - Eye look #3

Happy Monday lovlies, where are the weeks going. Hope you are enjoying the bank holiday and had a fabulous one.

Todays eye look is a bit of a smokey eye. I say a bit because it is my version of it. I don't generally do majorly smokey eyes. I just think I personally do not suit it too much.

Smokey eyes also take a lot more skills as mistakes are a lot more noticable. In fact I should have put it in my beauty things I suck at post.

Putting that aside, this is look I do when I want something a tad darker than my usual eye look.

I start off by making sure I have applied eye primer when I do this look. Creasing and smudging are a lot more noticable if they happen in smokey eye looks. These colours on my eyes are ok but it is something to bare in mind.

The shades I use are Pistol and Snakebite which are both stunning on their own and blended together. I like this combination as it is as easy as my other eye looks unlike most smokey eye looks.

I start my applying the darker colour first which is Pistol. I blend it in all over my lid quite a lot so it covers it all.

I then go in with the shade Snakebite all over the lid. I blend both the shades together.

Here are what the shades look like sepretely.

And here is what they look like blended together.

This is the finished look on my eyes

If this was for a special occasion, I would finish the look with my Falsies mascara and some eye liner.

It's nothing magical but if you like something quick and easy to do this is perfect.

If you missed them and want to check them out here are eye looks 1 and 2.

Let me know what you guys think.

Lots of love

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