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Hey beautifuls, how has this week been treating you? Before I started blogging Lip exfoliation wasn't something I even knew existed. I just thought it was something for your face. Little did I know there were a whole heap of products to keep your lips nice and smooth.

One such thing was of course a lip exfoliator. Now, you all know I like a bold lip pretty much all year around. I also have quite pigmented lips which means I need to make sure that my lips are nice and smooth before I go out, especially if it somewhere special.

Uusally, this isn't a problem as I always carry around a lip balm but I decided I wanted them to be a bit smoother. I also wanted to make sure I wasn't just masking the dry skin and it actually came off (sorry for the graphic details) as we are getting quite cold winters now.

This led me in to Lush and towards purchasing one of their famous lip exfoliators. I went for the Mint Julips which smells like absolute heaven. I love mint chocolate ice cream and this reminds me so much of that. I cannot help but smell this as soon as I open it.

It is really to apply too you only need a tiny amount on your finger to scrub across your lips. The ingredients are all natural so it is edible meaning you can lick it off your lips if you want too or you can use a tissue to take the excess off.

I found a nice difference to my lips when using this on my lips when applying lipstick so if you like bold lips I would encourage you to try them.

It might look like a small tub but you do not need a lot so it lasts for a very long time. I have had mine since December/ Early January and it is no where near finished.

On a side note, you only need a little and if you have dry skin around your lips make sure you don't smudge it all over the place.

They also come in lovely popcorn and bubblegum flavours. I personally like this one the best but give them all a sniff!

The Mint Julips lip scrub is sold in Lush stores for £5.25 or online

What do you think of lip scrubs?

Lots of love

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