Fashion Friday - Work Style

Hey sweeties, happy friday! If you are looking at this confused I do not blame you. I can see many of you saying 'You're not working, you're a student' However part of my course is to do work experience and lots of internships.

This has made me more concious of my wardrobe and the clothes I have in it. I like dressing casual but put together like I put some effort in to what I wore so I do have a few pieces here and there but not a lot of complete outfits.

Bare in mind it does depend on where you work what you can get away with so you may not need to follow all of these.

My first staple would be a pair of nice black pants. These ones are nice and silky and narrow at the bottom so it gives you a bit of shape compared to other regular black pants. I got these from Primark a while ago and they go really like with loose tops.

Smart casual tops
These are two of my favourites. I love these. They look nice in informal and formal settings. I would wear these with the black pants but also with skinny jeans for an everyday outfit. They let you look professional and sophisticated without trying too hard.

Comfy shoes
If I can get away with wearing my boots (in most cases you can) I definitely will but if I feel I can't or it does not go with my outfit I will get out this safe pair of black shoes. I got these from Asda at the beginning of the year. I have awkward feet so finding shoes can be hard. Luckily Asda and Tesco seem to be ok compared to most places people get shoes from. I love the heel on these because they are still comfy and I can rush around.

If you are like me and cannot walk properly in pointy heels on a daily try something similar to this adds the elegance of heels but without the pain.

I love me some dresses. I like being a bit girly from time and these are some of my favourite "smartish' dresses. I would wear these with a black blazer and some leggings. They are comfy easy to work in and flattering on you too.

So those are my work staples. I hope this helps some of you especially if you are just leaving uni and need some work experience or going in to your first job. You really do not need to spend a lot of money to get some decent quality clothes. It is just a matter of taking some time to shop around and knowing what works best for you.

Have a great weekend

Lots of love

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