Exam Survival Kit

Hey Ladies, halfway through the week! :) so today I thought I would do something a little bit different. If you are in the UK you will know we are in the middle of exam season at the moment.

I graduated from university a year ago now (where did the time go?!) so I thought I would put together some things that you might find useful when revising.

These are generally things that I have by me in my 'home office' whether I am simply writing an article or blogging or doing some hardcore revision. So I hope this helps some of you.

First of all, the things you need to study and write notes. I find it easier to make sure I have everything together before I start. That way I don't have ot keep getting up and down.

This is what I generally use to revise.

Now for the fun bit (don't deny you didn't see this picture and want to know why these were mentioned  )
These are a few extras which I think are pretty important to the exam process.

So there you have it. With all that by your side you are revision ready (I hope) If you have exams good luck and I hope this has helped even just a little bit. 

Lots of love

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