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Hey beautifuls, how are you all today?

Now, if you have read my blog before you will know Mascaras are not something I generally splurge on.
I think the drugstore do some amazing ones so I usually cannot justify spending a lot on them. Saying that, one that I have had my eyes on is Benefits they're real mascara.

This mascara has been talked about for such a long time and it has earned the incredible title of being the UK's number 1 mascara. I knew I had to try it. Luckily I won this one from a competition Benefit held and could not wait to try it.

The brush is the main thing I look at in mascara and this one was very easy to work with. They take just the right amount of product and seperate the lashes very well. The bristles are soft and not too long. Ar the end it curves kind of in to a ball making it easy to use on your bottom lashes.

I mainly look for volume in a mascara and this as expected gave me great volume. Pesonally, on my lashes I feel that especially when I first started using it the volume although amazing was not as good the falsies mascara. The volume got better the more I used it.

Applying mascara can be a bit tricky sometimes, especially if you are a bit of a novice like it but this is really easy to use. It wasn't too big and did not smudge. If you are new to mascaras and want something    from Benefit to try I would recommend this one.

The packaging, as with all the wonderful products from Benefit is stunning, sleek and enticing. It is light and has that vintage kind of feel.

So is this my number 1 mascara? I am not 100% sure yet it is definitely in my top two!

Have you tried this yet?

Lots of love

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