Skincare Sunday - What to avoid

Hey lovlies, hope you all had a fab weekend and enjoying a nice relaxing sunday. I was a bit worried about doing this weeks post as I am not a skincare specialist but I know I get help from reading these kinds of post so I thought I would give it a go.

Today, I will talking about ingredients and what I try to look for when buying skincare products. This isn't fool proof or anything but just things that I have decided since I have started getting more in to skincare to look out for. I still have a looonnggg way to go from being a expert in this so this is more of a beginners  guide to ingredients watching.

Now the first thing to note is that the ingredients at the back are not put out in a random order. They are written in the order they are most used. The first three ingredients generally make up the bulk of the product. This is good to remember as you can see how much of Sulphate Laureth Sulphite is in a product for example.

That is where I generally look first. I try and make sure parabens and sulphates are not at the top of the list especially for face products. (if they are listed at the bottom on moisturisers it is not too bad) They are basically preservatives and fillers manufactured to put in to the products. Which is why you will probably find that a lot of products that are on the cheaper side contain these quite high on their list. Soap and Glory's body butter here is paraben free and also Holland and Barrets do some nice natural ranges so shop around and see what is in your budget before you rush to buy.

TIP - Take a look at the stores online first that way you can check out prices and compare where to get where from in the comfort of your own home. Saves you time and stress :)

In terms of make up removers I would also look at the alcohol levels and what type of alcohol is contained in it too. You can alcohol free eye make up removers like this one from Garnier. The reason I personally stay away from alcohol in removers and toners especially is because it can be harsh on your skin especially in colder months when your skin is already facing battle with the weather. This is really good to do if you have sensitive skin as the alcohol free version will be lighter on the skin and do the job just as well.

Like I said I am pretty new to this and haven't even scratched the surface. The more I know, the more I will share :)

If you have any questions or are unsure of anything feel free to send me a email and I promise to reply.

Now I am off to make a cup of tea and do some more ingredients research.

Have a lovely day

Lots of love

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