Skincare Sunday - Good Things - the budget buy

Hey sweeties, happy sunday hope it is a good one. Today I wanted to talk about some skincare that was more purse friendly.

I generally go on talking about how important it is to look after your skin e.c.t and looking after your skin is a good investment to make. I still stand by this but  I am also aware that it is not necessarily possible for people to afford everything suggested as it can be quite expensive.

So today, I thought I would tell you about this brand which is more budget friendly. I first paid attention to this brand after watching watching Megan Isobel's affordable skincare video. If you read my last Skincare Sunday post, you will know Meg is someone I mentioned. Anyway, in that video she mentioned the best of the bunch was a brand called good things. 

The brand good things was founded by beauty journalist Alice Hart-Davies. You can read more about the brand here in quite a lot of detail but her products are one of the most natural you would get for the price. A lot of others are filled with fillers and with chemicals that are just not good for your skin. 

I decided to try this when I finished my REN gel cleanser sample while I tracked down my Liz Earle products.

I tried the Fresh Start creamy cleanser with super fruit extracts Grape and Pomegranate. This smells beautiful! It smells so fresh and clean which means when you actually use it it wakes you up and makes you feel like you are washing your face properly. It leaves your skin feeling smooth. I would say it is suitable if you have sensitive skin as it seems quite gentle so it is worth trying but do not quote me on that. 

The cleanser retails at boots for £4.99  but there are always offers going on. You can also get them at supermarkets too so it is worth shopping around a bit if you are thinking of trying this. 

The next thing I tried was the Face of the day moisturiser with superfruit beauty boosters Goji Berries and papaya. Again this smelt delicious! I really liked the smell which in a moisturiser can make a big difference. It is not the best moisturiser I have had but it kept my face hydrated and it is defnitely worth the price.

Again, this retails at boots for £7.99 and you can get this in supermarkets that stock Good Things too. 

Over all, I did enjoy using this range. If you are on a budget or just do not want to splash out on skincare this is a good alternative. It is also a good starting point especially if you are a teenager and just starting to look after your skin more.

Lots of love

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