Food Friday - Snacks on the go

Happy friday sweeties, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend whatever you have planned. Today I thought I would share some of my favourite nibbles on the go with you all. I love eating especially snacking but it can be a bit of pain when you suddenly get hungry and have to go in to a shop and get something you may not really want or in a shop you have to pay a bit more money. So I always have something in my bag for when I get hungry especially when I am out for the entire day. 

Dried Fruit
I love fruit, easy to digest, tasty as well as being good for you. In the winter though you do not necesserily want to grab fresh fruit to eat when you are out. It can ge messy in your bag. This is where the dry fruit packets some in. You can get them in a big bag and then put a portion in a sandwich bag in your handbag or you can get these snack packs which I love. My favs are strawberries, apricots and cranberries but you can get many just have a look around the next time you are grocery shopping. 

Nature Valley bars 
I have not tried this particular one yet but I love nature valley bars. They are great for on the go breakfast and just as a snack when you do not have time for much. My favourites are the Ginger Nut and Oats and Chocolate but they do a lot of flavours. 

Biscuit packets
Biscuits are one of my junk food vices. Luckily you can buy them in packets that mean you can carry around in your bag. I have a tea obsession and everyone knows you need biscuits to go along with tea so it is kind of a need. 

I do snack on other things of course but these are the things I eat on the go to keep me going and also you can buy these from supermarket in bulk so you can save money that way. 

What do you all snack when you are out and about? 

Lots of love

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