Fashion Friday - Spring trends with Pretty Little Thing

Hey ladies, happy friday. For this fashion friday I thought I would get you all excited for spring and summer as the weather is set to pick up soon.

Pretty little things is a online store which sells everything from jewellery to clothes. I only herd about them a couple of months ago but I genuinely love what I am seeing. Yesterday, I was lucky enough to see what their new spring summer collection holds and thought I would share with you.


Neon is a trend set to take over this spring/ summer season. Personally, I am not a huge fan of neon but I know that a lot of you will be. It's cool, bright and definitely fits in with the sun. I do love the neon accessories to amp up an outfit.

Sports Lux

I like this trend. To me it has the whole American Jock / girl next door kind of vibe which I love. Some of the pieces can be worn just lounging around the house (which I like doing a lot) and also you can style it out to wear. My favourites are the varsity jackets (which unfortunately I cannot pull off very well) and the lettered sweatshirts


One of my favourite trends has to be floral prints. Floral tops with a white of black skinny jeans. Floral dungaree's with a plain t-shirt inside it. There are so many ways to make this look. I personally like this for spring / summer because they are bright and cheerful without being too in your face. It is also very easy to wear. You can look put together but be comfortable at the same time. That is exactly what we want from it right?


Possibly, my favourite trend along with floral. There is just something really stunning yet casual chic about how you can put this together. Weather it is a light denim jack with a lace top or dungarees. Lace and denim actually really look good together too especially white lace. You can be girly with a floral t - shirt under a skirt dungaree's or you can tom boy it up a little depending on your style.

You can find all these trends on the Pretty Little Thing website. If you have not herd of them before they are worth checking out because they have some beautiful pieces so you are bound to find something you like.

What trends are you guys wearing this season?

Lots of love

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