Bare Minerals - Prime Time Primer

Hey lovlies, I hope your week is going well. A few weeks ago I talked about using primers and how important they are to use. So today, I thought I would tell you about one that I have been trying out recently. 

I use this cute dinky sample size of Bare Minerals Prime Time primer. This came in the starter kit which I got ages ago now but I never finished it so I decided to make use of it before I went out and brought something else. 

I really like this, it does it job. It comes out clear (which you can see from the swatch) which I like because sometimes I find that a white coloured primer just counteracts the colour of my tinted moisturiser or BB cream. 

It's quite moisturising without being too moisturising if that makes sense. it doesn't super hydrate your skin making it perfect for those of you who may have oily skin but it doesn't dry out your skin either. At the moment I think my skin is somewhere between normal with dry / dehydrated patches and it works absolutely fine for me. You can moisurise before putting it on if you wanted too. 

Even though it can come on a bit matte like you can still create a dewy look using this primer which is why I like it. 

It smoothes out my skin like a primer is suppose too making a even and clean surface for my tinted moisturiser. What more could you ask for? 

The primer also comes in brightening and oil free versions too so there is something for everyone! 

I haven't tested many primers so I don't want to compare it to any but I did like this one. (It's finished now :( ) The beauty junkie inside me is wanting to explore more so if you have any suggestions let me know! 

Bare Minerals Prime Time Primer retails at £21.00 (full size) and can be bought online or at their counters which can be found in Debenhams and other department stores. 

Have you tried Prime Time? let me know! 

Lots of love

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