April favourites 2013

Hey sweeties, gosh this month has actually swam by really fast hasn't it? hope it has been a good one for you all.

As usual, it is time to share with you the crem de la crem of the month. There are not as many as last month just because I was busy with school and stuff so I didn't try out anything too new.

The Beauty Favourites

Benefits Fake Up Concealer*
I was lucky enough to attend one of the blogging events Benefit have been so generous to arrange around the country to launch there new hydrating concealer. Ever since I have gotten this I have not stopped using it. It has become a make up staple and this is coming from someone who finds a lot of concealers too cakey to use.
Fake Up on the other hand is the complete opposite, it has a hydrating ring around it which means that it doesn't crease and adds hydration under your eyes which I definitely need. It is amazingly easy to apply and blend. A holy grail product. I reviewed it here if you want a more in-depth review.

Maybelline the falsies mascara
This has been in a monthly favourites post before so I think that pretty much speaks for itself. I love how easy it is to apply and how it opens my eyes and the effects in has on my lashes. Another bonus is that it is purse friendly! If you haven't tried it yet take a look at this review. If you like big lashes you will definitely like this. I got this for my best friend and she absolutely loves it.

Korres Lip Butter - Pomegranate 
Incase you missed the review I did on this let me just say this amazing lip balm. It is super hydrating easy to wear under lipstick if you want to and good to wear overnight. I use it along with with my Blistex lips conditioner. It is a office staple. I always carry it in my make up bag and have it with me wherever I go around the house.

Razan Eu De Parfum
This is a middle east scent which I picked up for about £5.00 from a charity fundraiser last year. It has a nice floral scent without being too over powering. I carry this around with me in my handbag. It always makes me feel fresh after I've used it.

Non Beauty Favourites

If you haven't herd about popchips...you haven't been reading many blogs! they have been everywhere recently. I originally herd of them from American YouTubers as I think it is an American Brand but they have thankfully come to the UK now. You can get them in the big supermarkets in big sharing packets. They are really yummy baked crisps which are meant to healthier to you than other ones out there. I just really like the taste of them. My favourite is the Barbecue flavour. Boots and Whsmith sell these in individual packs too if you are looking for something to snack on with a sandwich at lunchtime.

Dried Fruit
I showed these in my food friday post but recently I have been really in to eating these. They come in cute individual packaging which makes them easy to pick up on the go or on your weekly shop ready for the week ahed to snack on. If I am out for the day I usually carry at least two packets with me. Healthy, part of your 5 a day AND under a pound. What is there not to love?!

Sweet Freedom
I was reading a blog or watching a YouTube video when I came across this and I am so glad I did. It is a natural sweetener and I use it (as you can tell it is nearly finished) all the time in my tea, in porridge and sometimes on crumpets when I fancy a change. It is a like honey but I prefer the taste of this. It does the same thing though.  They are coming out with a chocolate version too which I cannot wait to try.

PS I love you
The film made me cry and when I found out it was based on a book I knew I had to read it. When I saw it for £2.99 in Waterstones it HAD to be mine. I haven't finished it yet but I keep it in my bag and on my bedside table. It is really well written and I am really enjoying it at the moment. I will be doing a review of this once I have finished it so keep your eyes peeled :)

So there you have it, my April favourites.
What have you been loving this month?

Lots of love

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