American Beauty Wish List

So it is not a huge secret I watch a lot of YouTube beauty videos and by a lot you could say I have a problem. Anyway, I watch a lot of american YouTube beauty videos ( Ingrid and Alison are two of my favourites) 

This means I end up lusting after make up that you just cannot get over here, which sucks but oh well. 

There are so many things that I could put on my list but this is where I would probably start. 

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in natural beauty and charisma. 
Oh man, Tarte is a brand I so so wish we got here in the UK. It is a higher end brand (I think it is roughly MAC prices) so it isn't super unaffordable. These blushes are the most beautiful colours imaginable and from what I can tell are definitely worth the money.

Tarte Glamazonian Lipstick in Wild 
As a lipstick lover I am of course going to lust after a lipstick! Estee reviewed this a while ago and ever since I have been obsessed which is quite silly I know but hey. Wild is like a deep red which looks beautiful. I seem to have a similar taste in terms of lipsticks and their formulas to Estee so I kind of already know that I would love it. 

Wet and Wild Eye Palettes
Wet and wild is a drugstore brand that only retails in America. There eye palettes like the one in the wish list have been compared to higher end brands and they only cost roughly $3 if I am not mistaken. 1 - what a bargain and 2 - why can't we get them here :( The quality and pigmentation of these are said to be amazing. 

Milani Baked blush in Berry Amore and Bellisimo Bronze
Milani is another American drugstore brand and they are also known for their blushes. These baked blushes have slight shimmers to them. They are suppose to be buildable and I would also be tempted to use them to give my skin a glow without having to use a highlighter. 

Maybelline 24 hour colour tattoo metal in Inked in Pink
Alison talks about this and her eyes always look impecable. It is no secret that I love the colour tattoos by Maybelline but unfortunately the metal range has not been released in the UK. It is a really nice pink which is wearable during the day but also at night. It lightens up your eyes and It is just a beautiful all around colour. 

NYX Blush in Silky Rose
Now I know you can NYX online in the UK but I am always hesitant in buying make up online for some reason. I guess I am bit scared I won't like the product but the first thing I would love to get my hands on would be a blush. 

Covergirl lipstick
Covergirl is the equivilant to Max Factor in the UK. It also happens to be where Taylor Swift gets her signature red lips from. The colour she uses is hot and it is a bright red. Not going to like as she always looks stunning it did sway me a little but can you blame me?! It is really hard to get hold of that particular shade though (as you would predict)

That is my American Wish list in a nut shell. I liked doing this so if you liked it let me know and I may do more! 

What would be on your American beauty wish list? 

Lots of love 

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