What's in my make up bag.

Hey lovelies, today I thought I would share the contents of my make up bag with you all. I love reading these kind of posts (probably because I am a bit nosey aha) so I hope you enjoy reading this.

Now I have to admit I don't generally carry a lot of make up with me as you can see. It is usually just the bare minimum but here it goes...

The make up bag itself is a standard bag from primark. I brought it at least 6 months ago and think it was £2.00. Primark generally do some cute make up bags so if you are looking for one and don't want to break your bank balance go take a look.

Starting on the left are some hand refreshing wipes by Carex. I think I got this from Asda for about £1.00. I keep these with me for when I am out and need to use public toilet. Its nice to keep yourself germ clean. They are really soft on my hands and keeps them clean.

The next thing is a mirror I got from my aunt about 5 years ago for my birthday. Every make up bag needs a compact mirror. If you don't add it in now! You won't regret it.

As you would expect the majority of the make up in my bag is actually lip products. I have a obsession with them. I actually like reapplying them to so I always have some in my bag.

The two lip liners are from Rimmel and are in the shades Red Dynamite and Indian Pink. I need to invest in the other colours. I will do a a review on these soon but for now I will say they are creamy and very easy to apply.

I usually have some form of perfume in there too. This is so I can feel refreshed. I like samples because I can carry them with me. The ones that I have at the moment is Prada Candy which I love and Zara black with for £4.99 smells absolutely incredible. I also carry around a body fragrance. Impluse are my favourite for this.

Then, the lipsticks! the most important part of my make up bag ;) I usually have the minimum of three because I don't really clean it out but about a week before this post I did...oppps. The lipsticks I have in there at the moment is Brick O La and Kate Moss lipstick in the shade 01. I love both of these and are on my review list :)

I always need a tissue. Its a running joke in my house so I make sure I have a packet in there for my needs aha. They aren't very exciting but definately a must have.

Last but not least the thing hanging on to my make up. What is that you ask? well, I am sure you all know how hard it can be to find keys if they are just placed anywhere within my handbag so I keep them in my make up bag so I know where there. It makes it so much less of a headache when I am in a rush!

So, there you have it. The contents of my make up bag! nothing too special but I hope you enjoyed reading it.

What are your make up bag essentials?

Lots of love

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