Skincare Sunday - Where I get advice

Hi lovelies, as I mention a lot I am not expert in make up / fashion. I do a lot of research.

One of the things I find  is that it is hard to know where to turn when you advice on certain things. The internet is full of unlimited access to information which is great but can sometimes be a little bit daunting and misleading.

Saying that, as I said I do a lot of research especially when it comes to skincare so I thought I would share you where I get advice I know I can rely on.

Caroline Hirrons
I recently discovered Caroline's blog about 6 months ago. Anna from Vivianna does make up swears by her as do many bloggers I know so I decided to give it a read. I have to say I am in love. I trust Caroline's recommendations. She works in the industry and has experience making it hard to disagree with her.

Rachel Talbot 

Rachel has worked on make up counters for years leading her to gain the experience that I would trust. When she does her reviews they are really in-depth so it shows she knows what she is talking about.

Megan Isobel

If any of you read Meg blog or watch her videos, you will know, she is very wise and thorough. She does a lot of research when it comes to skincare so I know that the things she says she likes are genuine and I trust what she says. She also incredible videos. They are some of my faves to watch.

There are other bloggers and vloggers but these are the ones that I would recommend generally as I know there is something there for all of you.

It worth baring in mind too, skincare is sort of personal so do some added research too.

Also, always ask the staff at the counters if you are not sure.  They are usually genuine and will give you proper advice. Just bare in mind that many will be pushing products on you too but they do have knowledge that you may find useful.

If you have any questions just let me know.

Lots of love

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