Skincare Sunday - Exfoliating

Happy Sunday ladies, today I want to share with you all something I have recently incorporated in to my evening skincare routine.

The dry skin this awful winter is causing on my skin has been flaking a little on my forehead (lovely image for you all there aha) not a lot but I didn't like it.

Moisturiser did smooth it and hydrate it a little but I wanted to completely get rid of it rather that just smooth it out.

So I decided to up my game in my skincare regime and exfoliate a few times a week. There were two in my house already so instead of buying one I decided to borrow my mum's Liz Earle one. (sorry mum!) because I knew it would not be too harsh on my skin and not filled with nasty.

If you have acne prone skin Eucerin is a decent skincare brand but it is a bit to chemically for my liking.  You don't have to use either of these though. Anyone that works for you skin will have the same effect.

After using an exfoliator for just two days I noticed a difference. The dry flaky skin disappeared and my skin over all has become a bit more soft the way I want it to be too.

Exfoliating is good for your skin especially on your face because it is constantly thrashed with different weather conditions it helps to keep it on form.

If you don't do this in your evening skincare routine yet and want to improve your skin, I would strongly urge you to.

I am definitely glad I added this in and will keep it in my routine.

Do you exfoliate? is is something you need to work on?
Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of love

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