Skincare Sunday - Cleansing

Hey lovlies, in the world of beauty there are many places you can save on money. There can be many dupes and products you don't need to pay a huge amount of money for. That being said if there was one thing that I would urge you to stretch your wallets for, it would be a good cleanser.

I am not saying you have to go all out and buy something like the Emma Hardie cleansing balm but maybe pay a bit more than something you would get for £5.00.

The reason? the more you invest the more likely that the ingredients used in the product will be better for your skin.

I thought I would share two that I have tried recently that I am going to review in the next few weeks. The reason I wanted to share these with you is because they are both are under £20.00 and will make a lovely difference to your skin.

The first is the famous Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish starter kit. Boots have started selling this so it is becoming more accessible. The set comes with the cleanser and 2 muslin cloths in a nice lovely case. It is only £14.00. I have been using this for just under a month (hence why I have not reviewed it yet) but I really love it.

The second one which is slighter more expensive but just as amazing is from another one of my favourite skincare brands. REN cleansing gel for normal skin works wonders on your skin. If you are interested this range and good way to do so is getting the starter kit which I did. It is only £14.00 and comes with some of REN's best selling products. The full size version costs £17.00

I have a feeling I will be flipping between both cleansers for a very long time. If you are looking for a good solid cleanser you will want to repurchase I would definately recommend it.

What cleansers you're using.

Lots of love

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