REN Starter Kit.

Hello beauties, if you have read my skincare sunday post you will remember me saying that I was going to be reviewing some skincare from REN soon. Well, today is the day.

A couple of months ago I was at a event and went to do some shopping before hand. I was in the market for a new skincare regime so decided to do some research. The endless amount reading lead me to wanting to try out REN.

If you are not familiar with the brand REN it is a middle end skincare brand. It is made with mainly natural ingredients. 

You can get it from Space NK and Harvey Nichols as well as John Lewis. It is not overly expensive as some skincare but it isn't cheap either. So I decided to get the starter kit. 

Skincare is something where a sachet sample just cannot do enough. There is not enough in them to show the effect it can have on your skin. You can try a sachet sample and it works, you like it so you end up buying the full size. You can still end up finding after a couple of weeks it doesn't work for you. 

I got the kit for normal skin which features some of the best selling products from REN for that skin combination. It comes with the Cleansing Gel, A day moisturiser, A night moisturiser along with the famous Glycloactic Radiance Renewal Mask. 

After using up nearly all the products I thought I would let you know what I thought. 

Rose Centifolia Cleansing Gel (25ml) 
I really like this cleanser. I have been using cleansers since I was a teenager on and off and I have to say this is my top two cleansers. I noticed a huge difference with this. My skin became more even and just all around looked a lot more healthier. 

Full Size - £17.00

Vita- Mineral Day Cream (15ml)
I can be quite fussy when it comes to moisturisers. This did a good job but I have to admit it isn't my favourite moisturiser to use. It is worth trying in the kit though. 

Full Size - £25.00

Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream (15ml)
This does give your skin a boost of hydration. I have to admit I didn't use this much at all because I did not like the scent of frankincense. I had never really smelt it before so I didn't really know what to expect. I do have to like scents of moisturisers especially as if it as strong as this as the scent can linger on for a while. 

Full Size - £32.00

Glycloactic Radiance Renewal Mask (15ml)
This has been talked around the "beauty world" for quite a long time now. It is easy to see why. You are not suppose to use it everyday. It is more of a sunday treat for your face kind of product. So far I like it but I haven't used it enough to fully report back just yet. I will do a sperate post on this though if you are interested. 

Full Size - £32.00

Overall, the starter pack is a good investment if you want to delve in to the world of REN. I wish more brands would do something similar. I will definitely be repurchasing the cleanser full size. 

It retails on the REN website for £13.00 and comes in ranges for other skin types such as Combination and Dry skin. 

Have you tried any REN products? if you have let me know what you think. 

Lots of love

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