Origins GinZing Eye Cream

Hello ladies, hope you're all having a great tuesday! Now today post is going to be something I never thought I would be writing about at the age of 22.

Eye creams are not something I use to consider to be a necessity in my skincare routine. I didn't think they worked or made a difference.

Once I started blogging however and doing some reading I thought I might be wrong. As you know the skin around your eyes are very sensitive and are the first signs of growing older. So prevention is pretty much key.

A lot of late nights, early mornings cause a little darkness around my eyes and they can appear a bit puffy after a few days of lack of sleep.

Another thing that made me look in to getting some eye cream is the dryness around my eyes caused my rubbing off my eye make up. It wasn't a good look at all!

Before I bought this, I was new Origins, I had herd a lot of good things about it and now it is one of my favorite brands.

I got a sample of this around 6 months ago and I fell in love. It is cooling, hydrating and it does exactly what it says. It de-puffs and brightens the skin around your eyes.

Filled with Caffeine from coffee beans, Ginseng, magnolia extracts and natural brighteners it adds radiance to the areas of the eyes that are usually filled with dark circles.

In fact, I can see the Ginseng working its magic from when I put it on.  I generally notice the difference if i haven't used it for  couple of days.

When I first used it, it was effective pretty much immediately. I noticed my under eyes a lot brighter and not as puffy after only a couple of days of using this.

The pot looks quite small but although it is quite a light formula and non greasy you only need the tiniest amount on your finger to dab under your eyes. A little goes a long way.

I knew I had to buy the pot. I love the packaging as always.

It retails at £21.00 which might seem like a lot but it works and I already mentioned lasts for ages!

You can get the cream from any origins counter or from the origins website.

Do you use eye creams or do you feel they are not needed? let me know!

Lots of love

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