My Cookbook wishlist

My Cookbook wishlist

My Cookbook wishlist on Polyvore

Hey lovelies, for today's post I thought I would share with you some cookbooks I have lusting after. I'm not a natural in a kitchen but I have started to want to cook more. I have a look at these and they are first on my list of things to buy. 

Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals
I love Jamie Oliver. I watched every single show in this series and loved pretty much every single thing he cooked. I love how accessible and quick these recipes are! Not only that they are also very nutritious for you, which is why we eat food in the first place. So it is a win win basically. 

Gizzi Erskine Skinny weeks and weekend treats
I have a huge girl crush on this woman. I first herd of her about 6 - 7 months ago. I love her style and she seems like a really cool person to hang out with too. Now first thing is first, I am not on a diet but I like eating healthy. It is not always easy to coming up with healthy yummy food. It is easy to make unhealthy food though and from what I have seen of this and Gizzi's cooking I know I am going to love this book.

and finally.

Mary Berry's Baking Bible
Yes, I have falling in love with the idea of baking and desserts. I have a major sweet tooth and where better to get inspiration than from the lovely Merry Berry? When I need some yummy sweet treats this is where I want to head too!

You can get all of these books at book stores or Amazon if any of you are interested. 

I shall report back to my cooking progress in later posts no doubt :) 

Do you like cooking? which cookbooks would you recommend?

Lots of love

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