Make Up Monday - Rocking a bold lip

Hey ladies, as I have mentioned before, I am no make up expert. It takes me some research to find out how to do things right and Bold Lips are one of those things.

Now, I have always loved bold lipsticks since I was little. I guess I don't see the point in wearing sheer lipsticks if you are going to wear make up? Anyway but more recently I decided to perfect how I put it on and make it last neatly so I could wear all the time. 

So I found some tips and after about six months of trying out I thought it was about time to share it with you. 

First of all, lets start with what you will need:

A lip exfoliator (I like the one from Lush but any you like is good)
A lipliner (either one matching your lip shade or the shade of your lipstick) 
And of course a bold lipstick of your choice. 

I first exfoliate my lips using the Mint Julips lip exfoliator by Lush. It smells amazing! It takes away any dry skin on your lips and smooth them out making it better for the lipstick to sit on your lips nicely without getting in to the little creases.

I talk about just lipliners here but to summarise it took me a while to master putting it on properly so don't worry if it takes you a while. 

I use the ones from Rimmel, this one is in Indian Pink. 
I tend not to like the point to be too sharp or blunt - so somewhere in the middle. It makes it easier to apply. 

Once I apply it on the outlilne of my lips I then fill in the entire lip lightly with the pencil. This evens out your lip and makes your lipstick stay on nicer and longer. 

I then apply the lipstick to my bottom lip straight from the bullet. This one is Loreal's intense 376 Cassis passion. If you are not comfortable doing that you can always use a lip brush. I know most make up artists recommend that. 

I then rub my lips together and the colour comes on quite neatly on your top lip. I then just lightly go over it in the areas that it may have missed.

And voila! 

Like I said before I am no expert - just a girl who enjoys experimenting with all things make up and beauty but I hope you find this somewhat useful. 

Do you like rocking the bold lip?

Lots of love

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