Make Up Monday - Make up tool essential

Hello lovelies! how are you all? hope you all had a fabulous weekend. For today's make up Monday  I wanted to pay some lovage to a much neglected make up tool.

By neglected, I mean we very rarely ever mention it, yet, I am pretty sure they are something of a necessity to at least 90% of us.

I am of course talking about cotton buds. (if the title didn't give it away) I always need a couple around when I am applying my make up in the morning. If I am travelling I make sure I have a few in my make up bag.

If you don't know why, let me tell you. These little beauties help you clear up the smallest or even big mistakes you might make when you are putting your face on for the day.

It helps out when my mascara smudges if I apply it to fast when I am in a rush or when my am filling my eyebrows in and they don't go exactly how I want too.

It makes it so easy to just wash away the mistake. Dab a little bit of water on it and it wipes the mistake away. It saves me a lot of time from reapplying a huge chunk of make up and wasting product too.

I won't go on forever but I just thought the cotton bud deserved some love on the blog.

Do you use them?

Lots of love

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