Make Up Monday - Lip Lining it up!

Hey beauties, I thought I would share a recent make up find for me. If you had asked me even as little as 6 months ago I would have said a lip liner in my collection would have be quite rare.

If you read my blog, you probably find this a bit odd as I love a good bold lipstick. Fast forward to now  and I have three.

Blogging and reading blogs has opened my eyes to a lot of new tips and tricks and this is definately one of them.

A good lip liner is essential in winter. The reason being is that when your lips become dry, lipstick can go in to the creases on the edges. Bold lipsticks can also have a habit of running too. A lip liner stops this from happening.

It looks like a work of art and trust me it took me a while to get use to applying it but it is very useful. I have thin lips too so this is perfect because as an added benefit it plumps up my lips.

How I apply it is simply mark on the edge of my lips but then I also fill in my entire lips so it colours them. This gives a good base for my lipsticks and it doesn't give me the whole 'You can see my lip liner' look which is not a cool .

I know a lot of people talk about MAC lipliners. I have never personally used them but if you wanting to try a good highish end lip liner I would definiately consider this. MAC is a reliable brand especially with their lip products.

On the other hand, if you are a bit like me and was a bit hesitant about forking out a lot of money for a product that I wasn't sure how to apply or how it would look on me I would suggest the Rimmel ones in the lasting finish range.

I have been using them and have to say they work amazingly well.

How do you all feel about lipliners? let me know in the comments below

Lots of love

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