Interview With Nathalie Bishop

Nathalie Bishop is the Founder of the blog No-No-Coco. She is also a social media and digital consultant working in PR.

I've spoken to Nathalie a few times and she was lovely enough to answer some questions so we could find out more.

How long have you worked in PR?
I've worked in PR for the past four years, I only graduated two years ago but was always working during my time at university as I felt it was important to come out with a degree and some experience.

What is a typical day in the life of Nathalie?
At the moment I work for an agency so my typical day is different from when I freelanced and kept my own hours. I get into work at around 9:30 and read through all the newspapers, magazines and do a quick sweep of the most important websites to see if anything interesting is happening and to check for coverage. I spend the majority of my day emailing and calling people to secure coverage and often pop in and out for coffees or lunches with journalists.
As I blog too, I often have an event to head to after work so days can be pretty long, quite often I won't get home until 11pm, but I love my blog and its all totally worth it.

What are the things you like about working in PR?
I love a good conversation and PR is all about that. We are constantly looking to create new conversations, each of them different and news worthy.

Is there anything you don’t like about working in PR?
One thing I find frustrating about PR is seeing the return of investment. When you work hard to secure something incredible it is very hard to know if that has generated a load of sales or interest.

What advice would you someone who wants to get in to PR?
If you want to work in PR the most important advice I feel I can give is to be confident. Trust your own judgements and work hard. If at first the angle you have doesn't work, create a new one. You have to be fast on your feet.

Have you always wanted to work in PR?
I've always wanted to work in fashion and I've always wanted to be a writer. PR was something I came to a little later, I work with PRs everyday for my blog and it made me realise I could do that myself.

Have you always had a interest in fashion?
I've always loved fashion. When I was younger I would always want to be the bride when I played dress-up. I think my obsession with pretty dresses lead to my love of fashion.

If you had to choose what are your wardrobe stables?
I am a collector of clothes. I probably have over 150 dresses, it's actually a little bit scary! I do find it hard to define staples in my wardrobe though as I wear something different everyday. If I had to choose, maybe a good grey jumper, everyday black dress and pair of boots. You can work all three of those into any outfit.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?
I love reading other people's blogs, the haute pursuit is my current favourite - she has a really defined style. I also love colour, I normally pick a colour one season and wear it constantly. At the moment I'm really into orange.

Do you have any go to places to shop? 
I love shopping online at ASOS, Farfetch and The Outnet but also really enjoy shopping in boutiques, one of my favourites is Oxygen Boutique in central London, they have a great selection of brands.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to us Nathalie! 

You can keep up to date with Nathalie on Twitter and Facebook

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