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So today's blog post come from a good friend of mine. Her name is Elise and she has a travel blog where she talks about all her wonderful adventures. She is always doing some immensely cool stuff so check her out.

She wanted to talk about hair and how she manages hers. I found it quite interesting as I have very different hair to her so I hope you all enjoy reading it too.

I am not my hair
As true as this statement is, we cannot deny how important our hair is to us, I bet most of you have had a bad hair experience, and felt awful as a result. This blog entry will give you an inside look at my ‘hair journey’ that many of us fro’s face!
 Me, with my naturally afro hair grew up feeling like I had one of these ‘bad hair experiences’ every day. Since I was a kid I absolutely hated my natural hair, on my Christmas wishlist every year was ‘straight hair’. An historical and sociological view of afro hair is that as slaves, black people aspired to have straight hair in an attempt to gain better treatment, acceptance and because straight hair was the epitome of European beauty. At 5 years old, I didn’t know slavery had even existed, I just couldn’t understand why I had such ‘awful’ hair and my friends didn’t.
Fast forward to me at 13 years of age-where I had spent every day with the same hair style as my Caucasian Mum knew little about my hair type-  a random schoolboy made a snide comment to me; ‘are you a boy or a girl?’. Despite my awareness that he was just being horrid and his comment was completely unfounded I spent the next 7 years compensating for my hair. I tried braids, braids with extentions, microbraids, weaves, relaxers and curly perms- anything that hid my own hair! I wouldn’t leave the house with my natural hair and I certainly wouldn’t let any of my friends see me natural! 
A new goal sprang up on my ‘life wish list’ though; ‘love my natural hair’.
10 years on and I can say I truly accept, embrace and love my hair; the natural hair journey can be a long process but it is so special to women because it is not just about hair, it is about confidence, difference, acceptance and identity. We know that without confidence our whole outlook on life can be skewed, and, if your confidence is affected depending on your hairstyle then I think that is a cause for concern, no? Having a fro and looking different to most people can be daunting mainly because, as humans we probably care too much about what people think. We should accept our hair and embrace the identity that it portrays to the world. You have to make sure YOU love your hair otherwise what anyone else thinks will have too much of an impact on your self perception.
My hair regime
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Thank you so much for writing this post Elise. I hope you all liked it. :)

P.S - this is the first guest post on my blog so if it something you want to see a bit more off let me know! :)

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