Fashion Friday - An ode to coloured Jeans!

Hey ladies, first of all sorry for the rubbish picture quality. I am getting hang of fashion post.

If you had asked me even a year ago I would like wearing jeans I would have laughed. If you knew back then you will know why. I haven't changed much especially in terms of style but the one thing that has is that I wear jeans 70% of the time now.

I love leggings and I would wear them with absolutely everything. You might think I am exaggerating but I'm really not. Anyway they are not the most practical to wear in these new freezing winters the UK is experiencing at the moment cue the need for jeans.

I had honestly forgot how many different styles there are and the different ways in which you can wear them.

The fact I have started to wear them a lot more lead me to discover different colours. Actually I blame my 15 year old sister, who by the way has amazing style. She knows a lot more than I did about fashion at that age.

Coloured jeans can transform a outfit. It can add to it something regular jeans might not be able to. Here are a few of my favourites.

At the moment I am lusting after this pair from topshop. I have herd such good things about them.

Do you wear coloured jeans?

Lots of love

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