Skincare Sunday - Stress

So for this week's skincare sunday post I decided to touch upon something that can affect your skin rather than a product or the usual tips I use in this post.

Stress is something that affects all of us. Some more than most. For some people even the slightest thing  can get you worried and stressed. For other people it can something really big to get them stressed and worried. This is not down to anything any of the people have done personally. It is just the way it is sometimes.

The thing is, stress can affect your skin which in turn can affect how you feel and that will have an affect on your confidence and all around self esteem. It is like a vicious circle. Stress can change over time as you are growing up, you get more responsibilities, more pressure is on you to do certain things. This can affect your stress levels and can cause break outs and uneven skin.

I know stress is not something you can necessarily control. If I could I would have remained to be the calm go with the flow person that I once was but unfortunately the last couple of years I have become the opposite.

How do you deal with stress? I think is quite personal as no one is the same but here are some of the things that I do for myself to make sure I can remain as calm as possible and reduce my stress levels.

1 - Me time - This although I found it a tad selfish of me at first is something that we need. Something that we do for ourselves where we do not have to think. For me this is can be as simple as just making my lunch and watching a youtube video or reading a magazine with a cup of tea at the end of a long day.

2 - Plan - I am a huge planner! I like to know how my day is going to do and what I have to do by when. If I don't do this it can make me feel a bit all over the place. This means that I would be stressed out. I do this by waking up early and generally just planning out what I have to do the night before or at the weekend for the up coming week.

Remember stress doesn't make you a bad person but it can affect your life and those that you love. It also can affect your skin! If you try to control it you should see an effect on your skin and your general wellbeing :)

Hope this helped some of you

Lots of love

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