Skincare Sunday - smooth lips

We all know that winter brings dry and chapped lips for most of us. It can be rather annoying if you are like me and a lipstick lover as it can make some lipsticks harder to wear.

No fear ladies, I have some lip products here that will provide you will a quick fix and keep your lips hydrated.

My ultimate go to for my lips when they are feeling rather dry is a lip conditioner from Blistex. This is a stable gem in my lip balm collection. When I feel that my lips are getting dry I put this on just before bed and I wake up to moisturised lips. This lip conditioner is also quite good under matte lipsticks as it is hydrating whilst staying firmly in place so it won't slide under your lipstick. You can get Blistex from boots for £2.59

My next key product for smooth lips comes from fig and rogue. If you haven't herd of this brand check them out here. They do an amazing range of products that really work. I was in boots when I got the coco and vanilla flavor balm. I use this everyday to keep my lips hydrated. I carry it around with me all around the house. It's really good money value too because I've had mine for about 6 months and it is showing no sign of finishing anytime soon! Fig and Rouge is sold online at feel unique and on their website but you can also get it at boots for £4.99. I will definitely be buying more!

Both of these are staples in my make up bag and bedside table especially in winter. They keep my lips soft and smooth.

What are your smooth lip saviours?

Lots of love

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