Skincare Sunday - Skin crisis save!

So for todays skincare sunday post, I thought I would tell you all about a gem that helped me out of a skin crisis this week.

This week my skin has been quite dry and on Thursday I came back form shopping at the Trafford Centre to take my make up off. Low and behold because my skin was soft too it led to my make up wipes completely stripping my skin. 

It left really really red skin on my under lip and around one my eyes. This had never happened to me before so I COMPLETELY panicked. 

After calming down I realised I could fix it. I put some balm my best friend gave me for really dry skin she got on holiday which worked an absolute treat on my skin. It fixed my skin.

The redness disappeared and the dryness reduced too. The cold outside though still makes those area's quite dry so to keep my skin healthy I have been putting this on the area's that need it on my face. I have had this in my draw for emergencies. It isn't something I use all the time as it contains parabens BUT  E45 is a skincare brand that basically does as it says on the tin and this does work. 

It is not greasy. You can use this on your body and put clothes on straight away if you wanted too as well. 

Have you got any skincare saviours this week? if you do let me know what they are.

Lots of love

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