Rimmel Apocalips

Top to bottom - Galaxy, Celestial, Apocalyptic

Hey lovelies, yes you read right I fell for the hype that are the Rimmel Apocalips. Nothing sets the beauty world alight as much as a Rimmel launch and this was no different. The Kate Moss collection sold out within days and the same with these new beauties. 

Now before I start, I should tell you all as much as I love lipstick, I dispise lipgloss. I find them really sticky, icky and get in my way far too much. The last ones I brought was about three years ago. 

Rimmel describe these to be a lip lacquer, which is a glossy stain. A lipstick in a lipgloss formulation. I had herd about the YSL glossy stains so when I saw my favourite bloggers (who also prefer lipsticks to lipgloss) rave about these, I knew I needed in. In fact, even before the 23rd january (the day they launched) I knew what colour I wanted. 

Boots have 3 for 2 on Rimmel products at the moment so I went a bit mad and got 3 oopps. I decided to get the colours Galaxy, Celestial and Apocalyptic. 

I absolutely love these products. They come with a doe applicator which I didn't think I would like but they are so easy to apply that I really didn't mind. 

Each of the three colours are amazingly pigmented. The colour pay off on these is incredible. It is something I look for in a lip product so I am really happy about this! 

I have been wearing these pretty much everyday since I got them. They last for at least 3 - 4 hours without needing to be reapplied. The colour may fade depending on the shade when you eat but they don't smudge so you are pretty much just left with a stain. 

You really do not need a lot of the product on the brush. A little goes a very long way. 

The packaging Rimmel have designed for these are really cool too. They are so light too and carry a lot of product.

This shade is Galaxy. It is a plummy colour and quite close to the actual shade of my lips. I like this it is a very your lips but better colour on me. It is perfect for just an everyday kind of look. 

The first one I actually grabbed for is this one. It is called Celestial and is very nice mild pink colour. The pigmentation as I already mentioned is amazing on this too. It is quite a pinky nude on me so not a shade I would usually go for but I really like this! 

Apocalyptic is my favourite shade out of the three. It is a bold pink that I would wear in the day. (I like bold lips aha) I like that you can start with just a little or build it up. If you aren't use to bold lips I would apply just a little to start. It is a good investment if you don't normally rock a bold lip as it is very easy to apply. It can get on your teeth but you expect that. Other than that it does not run as most bold lip products. As I mentioned before too I eat with this on and it stays in place without smudging! The colour fades but it goes in to a stain rather than a complete fade. 

If you don't like these shades but are intriuged about the products take a look the next time you are at a Rimmel stand. They have lovely nude shades too. Nude colours don't suit my skin tone though so I tend to stay away from them. 

My collection does not stop here. I really want the shade big bang in this too! 

Over all I really love the Rimmel Apocalips and they are definitely worth the hype. Rimmel as per usual, you have outdone yourselves again.

Have you tried these? what to you think? Let me know :)

Lots of love

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